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Barbados Passport for Sale. A Barbados passport is a travel document issued to citizens of Barbados, in accordance with Citizenship Act (CAP. 186) from 1978, the Immigration Act (CAP. 190) from 1997, and the Barbados Constitution, for the purpose of facilitating international travel. It allows the bearer to travel in foreign countries and the Commonwealth of Nations, in accordance with visa requirements, and facilitates the process of securing assistance from Barbados consular officials abroad, if necessary.

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A Barbados passport is a document for valid proof of citizenship. The passport is also a Caricom passport, as Barbados is a member of the Caribbean Community. There are three types of passport booklets: regular, service, or diplomatic passports. Despite the placement of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) logo at the top of the document’s cover-page, Barbados passports are issued by the Immigration Department under the auspices of the Office of the Prime Minister, and at the Diplomatic Missions and Honorary Consulates of Barbados abroad. CONTACT US to get Barbados Passports both real and fake one.

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Caribbean nations strapped for cash after the pandemic hammered their tourism industries have begun dangling deep discounts on the passports they sell to wealthy foreigners. Many of the islands in the region have long offered “citizenship-by-investment” programs as a way of supplementing the hard currency they pull in from tourism. With their hotels and white-sand beaches now almost entirely empty, this unconventional business has suddenly taken on a much greater importance. Want To Escape From America? You Can Buy Citizenship (And A Second Passport) from us very cheap and safely.