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Paraguay Passport for Sale online. Paraguay is one of the world’s easiest countries to get second passport and citizenship, and the process can take as little as three years. As a free, peaceful country, Paraguay welcomes people from all nationalities to obtain second residency and become citizens. You can even get started with Paraguay residency with a small bank deposit.

Real Paraguay Passport for SaleSegundo Pasaporte y Segunda Residencia de Paraguay

Paraguayan passports are issued to Paraguayan citizens to travel outside Paraguay. For traveling in Mercosur countries, Paraguayan citizens can use just their ID card (Cédula de Identidad). The Paraguayan passport is valid for travel to any part of the world, although travel to certain countries requires a visa.

Paraguay is a beautiful South American country known for high levels of personal freedom, low taxes, and minimal regulation. Retirees from European nations such as Germany have been relocating to Paraguay for years. Simply put, Paraguay is a place where you can live your life as you see fit.Once you obtain permanent residence in Paraguay, you have the right to live and work there for life. You will also enjoy other benefits within South America’s Mercosur region. The passport can be obtained in 3 days at a low price any one can afford without any refundable bank deposit here.

How to get second citizenship in Paraguay

You must first obtain permanent residence by depositing $5,000 in a Paraguay bank OR purchasing local real estate get in touch here. After three years as a permanent resident, you and your family may apply for naturalization.

Paraguay immigration allows dual citizenship, so you do not need to renounce your current citizenship to become a Paraguay citizen. Paraguay’s policy of jus soli – or “right of the soil” – means that children you give birth to while in Paraguay will obtain Paraguay citizenship at birth.