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Buy Lithuanian Passport Online. Lithuanian passport is a document attesting Lithuanian citizenship of a person, his or hers legal relationship with the state of Lithuania. A Lithuanian passport is issued to a person when he or she acquires Lithuanian citizenship in one of the following ways of acquiring of Lithuanian citizenship: by birth, by restoration of Lithuanian citizenship, by granting of Lithuanian citizenship to a person under simplified procedure, by naturalization or by other way.

Lithuanian citizenship might be restored to a person if he or her or his or hers parents, grandparents or ancestors were Lithuanian citizens before 15/06/1940. The following documents might be used to attest Lithuanian citizenship had before 15/06/1940: Lithuanian passports issued before 15/06/1940, certificates, birth certificates and other documents which indicate Lithuanian citizenship, documents attesting a person’s military service in the Lithuanian army or work in public service or documents attesting living in Lithuania until 15/06/1940.

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A person’s Lithuanian citizenship might be restored in two ways: by refusing the current citizenship or by keeping the current citizenship (double citizenship). In order to obtain a double citizenship it is not enough to prove having had Lithuanian citizenship before 15/06/1940. Additional conditions granting a person the right to be Lithuanian citizen and a citizen of another state are necessary. The following might be attributed to such conditions: forcible deportations and emigration to another state before 11/03/1990, except for emigration to the territory of the former Soviet Union after 15/06/1940.

Other conditions of acquiring a double citizenship also exist which are indicated in the Republic of Lithuania Law on Citizenship, such as acquiring of a citizenship of a foreign state by birth, cases of adoption, marriage and other cases.

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