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The Emirati passport is issued to citizens of the UAE for international travel. In terms of the number of countries its holders can visit visa-free, the Emirati passport is one of five passports with the most improved rating globally since 2006

The Emirati passport (Arabic: جواز السفر الإماراتي‎) is a travel document issued by the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to UAE citizens for international travel. Emirati passports issued since 11 December 2011 have been biometric passports. The UAE is the second GCC state (after Qatar) to issue such passports

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Can you get a UAE passport; According to Federal Law No. 17 of 1972 on Nationality and Passports, amended by Federal Law No.16 of 2017, UAE nationality is acquired by virtue of law, citizenship or naturalisation as per the provisions set in that law. You can apply for UAE nationality through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. hildren born to unknown parents in Saudi Arabia automatically get citizenship until the identities of the parents are known. Children born to foreigners do not have the right to citizenship, but may be given nationality if they have a Saudi father. Visa Free Countries for UAE. For UAE residents, who want to escape the long queues of visa processing, here’s great news. UAE Passport is one of the strongest in the world with 107 countries in the list that allow visa free travel. Yes, you heard it right. So, now all you have to do is, pull up your sock, pick your dream country, grab your camera, and pack your bags.

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