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Spain Golden Visa Program on sale online. Several European countries offer the option of obtaining legal residence through investment—often investment in real estate—in the country. These so-called “Golden Visa programs” aim at offering citizens of non-European Union countries a legal (and easy) way to gain residence and access to the EU. Spain’s established tourism sector is a big draw for investors looking for residency in Europe. As one of the most popular programs in Europe, year after year investors continue to flock to Spain’s real estate market. Fantastic cuisine, quality of life, and excellent connections to the rest of Europe make Spain a perfect choice when it comes to investing in a Golden Visa. Here are the programs in two popular countries.

Spain Golden Visa Program

The main requirement of Spain’s Golden Visa is to invest a minimum of €500,000 (about $585,000, at current exchange rates) in Spanish real estate. In exchange, the investor, his or her spouse, and dependent family members can all gain residence in Spain. Residence is optional, however: It’s not required to maintain the Golden Visa itself. Some investors prefer to live elsewhere, for instance, but use the visa to let family members (such as children) establish residence in Spain. Applicants can apply for permanent residence after five years and for Spanish citizenship after 10 years.

You’ll need to actually make the investment; buy the properties or land before you apply for the Golden Visa. But since 2015, married couples can make the €500,000 investment together. And thanks to Spain’s liberal co-habitation laws, unmarried couples and same-sex couples can also apply together if they are registered as a domestic partnership. (In Spain, this is called a pareja de hecho.) Every visa has its pros and cons, and the Golden Visa is no exception.

First, this visa won’t work if you’re only interested in renting: Buying property is the key requirement that distinguishes the Golden Visa. (It was set up to buoy Spain’s then-faltering real estate market.) But if you’re already looking to buy a home or otherwise invest in real estate—and you have the funds available—then this visa is worth considering. The cost of your personal home in Spain can count toward that total. (And a large apartment in central neighborhoods of Madrid and Barcelona can easily cost €500,000.) Buying a home that costs less than that? Then consider investing in rental properties to reach that €500,000 total…and earn income. In addition, the residence visa that you’ll get through your Golden Visa gives you the right to work in Spain, if you choose. As a resident in Spain, you can travel visa-free in the rest of Europe.


Permanent Residency and Citizenship

It is possible to apply for permanent residency in Spain after living in the country for five years. Citizenship can be applied for after living full time for ten years. Although the temporary residency permit (the golden visa) can be easily renewed without living in the country, the route to both permanent residency and citizenship requires the investor and their family to reside in Spain. For this reason the Spanish Golden Visa programme is popular with those applicants who either wish to reside full time in Spain or simply maintain a second residency in Europe but without a path to citizenship.

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