Social Security Number (SSN)

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A Social Security Number may look like a simple row of nine digits, but the importance of this document shouldn’t be underestimated. SSN is a number that the US government issues to every citizen and resident to keep track of their earnings and years of work experience in order to calculate their benefit payments when it is time to retire. A Social Security Number is usually issued just once. However, if it gets lost or stolen, you need to replace it. Want to avoid the hassle? Do it online! Here you can order a new SSN without ever leaving your home.

Why you need a S S N

You require an SNN to:

1- apply for a job;

2- open a bank account;

3- apply for a federal loan;

4- apply for any kind of social assistance program;

5- enroll in Medicare;

6- get a passport;

7- get a driver’s license;

8- to file your tax return.

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