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Latvia Investor Visa Program online. The Latvian residence, amicably called the Latvian Golden Visa, offers the cheapest residency by investment in Europe. It’s also a cheap program if you want to invest in real estate, as you get the most bang (square footage) for your buck in Latvia (out of all Golden Visa countries considered).

Looking for the cheapest Golden Visa Programs in Europe in 2020; Latvia offers second country nationals the ability to obtain Latvian residency through a number of investment residency programs, with a far lower investment requirement than the Golden Residency Programs of Spain, Portugal, Malta and Cyprus. Find out more about the Latvian golden residency program, or contact us for a free consultation to discover your options to obtain a European Golden Visa from South Africa.

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Established in 2010, the Latvian residency by investment program has been massively popular among foreign investors and entrepreneurs seeking to establish a footprint in Schengen Europe. Over 15,000 Golden Visas has been granted since the program’s inception.

Latvian residency gives investors the ability to travel across the European Union visa-free. Your spouse and children up to the age of 18 years old can also become eligible for residency under the program, as long as they are unmarried and that you can provide proof that they are living with you.
Under the Latvian investment residency program, investors can obtain a Temporary Residency Permit (TRP) for 5 years, with annual renewals applicable. As a “Plan B” destination, the Latvian program is attractive for a range of reasons: The application process is fast; residency rights can be obtained in 4 months from making an eligible investment. Furthermore, you will not be required to live in Latvia prior to or during your application process, nor after your temporary residency has been approved. The program has been extensively marketed as the “Latvia Business Immigration Program”, and offers investors a range of investment options for obtaining temporary residency rights. Get in touch for more

Benefits of Latvia Golden visa

You and your family do not have to live in Europe prior to applying for Latvia residence permit. Neither would you be asked to attend an interview or prove your knowledge of the Latvian language. Latvia Golden visa offers the cheapest real-estate investment in Europe.

For many years Imperial & Legal is the go-to experts for all the things you need when moving to another country. We provide immigration, taxation and relocation advice, and much more. We will help you find your ideal home through our trusted real estate agents in Latvia, close a deal and settle there with comfort, confidence and security.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality of property you can buy in Latvia for €250,000. About 150 m2 of high-quality living in the city center, close to all the amenities, schools and shops. It will be ready for you and your whole family to move in and enjoy the high standards of design and finishes. If you wish to sell your flat later, rising housing prices will make sure you capitalize on your investment.

The Latvian real estate market is full of properties for any taste and budget. And don’t forget that you are not only buying a home for yourself and your family in a beautiful country; this investment will secure your future as it will help you get Latvia permanent residence and a European passport.

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