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Slovakia Passport for Sale. The process of receiving passport of Slovakia is very difficult and expensive procedure. Despite of that a lot of people around world choose this country for immigration. The company All in one document help you solve quickly and not expansive all problems with getting Slovak passport. Our services are legal.

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The Slovak passport is issued to citizens of Slovakia to enable legal international travel. Every Slovak citizen is also a citizen of the European Union. The passport, along with the national identity card allows for free rights of movement and residence in any of the states of the European Economic Area, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Contact us to get Slovakia Passport for Sale

Every Slovak citizen is entitled to possess two passports of the same kind, if he or she wishes to. The second passport is valid for 5 years (instead of the standard 10 years), while the fee remains the same. Passports in Slovakia are issued by the police force but we also produce it legally.

Can I get a Slovak passport; A foreigner can acquire Slovak citizenship by Naturalization, i.e. he may be granted the Slovak citizenship. In this regard, he must meet the following requirements stipulated by the Act on Citizenship of the Slovak Republic. In general, it is not difficult to visit Slovakia. Citizens of many countries require no visa for short stays. Even if you do require a visa, the process is relatively simple, but it is important to take the right steps.

Why acquire Slovak Passports?

Slovakia started issuing the current biometric passports on 15 January 2008. The biometric data consisted of the face picture. On 22 June 2009 the passports were changed to include second biometric data of the fingerprints. Because of the nature of biometric data acquirement, passports are now issued only directly to the passport owners. As of 1 October 2019 Slovak citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 181 countries and territories, ranking the Slovak passport 9th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Australian and Lithuanian passports) according to the Henley Passport Index